BSF 2014 nuova connessione

The connection is hidden. The gap between column and beam are normally filled with mortar. That will also serve as fire protection. (or mineral can be used).


  • BSF 225
  • BSF 300
  • BSF 450
  • BSF 700



Product series :invisible connection


From 225 kN - 700 kN

The products are made for loads from 225 kN to 700 kN . For larger loads, can double / paired units bee used up to 1400kN.

Il sistema BSF 2014 fornisce un sistema di connessione nascosto. 

nessuna mensola

È veloce e facile da montare in cantiere.

Non c’è ulteriore lavoro da svolgere come saldature o bullonaggio.


Product range  BSF 2014

connessioni ad angoli non retti


BSF system is produced in 4 different sizes from 225 kN to 700 kN load capacity.

The units are made in black steel, not coated





BSF 225

Beam column connections

225 kN

BSF 225

BSF 300

Beam column connections

300 kN

BSF 300

BSF 450

Beam column connections

450 kN

BSF 450

BSF 700

Beam column connections

600 kN

BSF 700

BSF 450x2

Beam column connections

900 kN

BSF 450

BSF 700x2

Beam column connections

1400 kN

BSF 700
















Product approval

range del prodotto


The products within the beam - column connection BSF 2014 are ETA approved products. They are also CE marked.

The approval is issued ​​by SINTEF :

scarica pdfdownload pdf



Additional equipment

Block out box for Beam units for BSF 2014

Made of elastomer materials, easy to prepare for casting. Brushing a retarder on the surface is handy for releasing it afterwards.

The rubber box is made of casted polyurethane elastomer (PUR Elastomer) and have a hardness 60 shore.

Technical data:

Densitet:                             1100 kg/m3
Tensile strength:               2,5 MPa
Tensile strain at rupture: 200%

Article no.

Fits beam unit

BO 225/300

B 225 o B 300

BO 450

B 450

BO 700

B 700


attrezzatura aggiuntiva



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