Description of TSS-RVK units


Invisible connections for stairs, landings and balconies


Connessione TSS per scale balconi

The TSS units are used for concrete component with finished surface from the precast factory. (terrazzo or similar.)

When erecting the elements on site, the inner tube is pulled out with a string to fit a recess in the wall.

A safety device will ensure the inner tube to be correctly located in the recess.








Connessione RVK  per scale balconi



The RVK unit is visible at the surface. The function is the same as for the TSS. When erecting, the inner tube is pushed into a recess in the wall. If required, the inner tubes can be withdrawn. (before permanent installation)








On site intallation

TSS and RVK provides an invisible connection, and are quick and safe to install

No further works to be done on site, like welding, bolting etc.



montaggio connessione
dettagli connessione






RVK and TSS units has ETA approved and are patented products

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