Additional equipment for BCC-BSF


  • Threaded bars for the BCC system
  • Reinforcement bars in front, for BCC 450 and BCC 800
  • Safetyrope for transportation,  the BCC system
  • Safetypin for transportation, the BSF system
  • Magnetic guide for the column unit, BCC system

Threaded pin bars for the BCC system

Treaded pin bars


Standard lenghts


1m ,2m o 3m


1m ,2m o 3m


1m ,2m o 3m


1m ,2m o 3m


1m ,2m o 3m













Front reinforcement bars for BCC 450 and BCC 800
ferri ri rinforzo
The bended bars are made to fit a specified beam dimention. This is done to ensure a correct location of the horizontal part of the base, - as low as possible in the beam.



Safetyrope for transportation, BCC system
corda di sicurezza
In plastic bags containing 10 ropes. These will prevent the "knife" in the BCC unit to slide out during handling and transport.






Safetypin for BSF units
perno di sicurezza
A pin made of steel, locking the "knife" in the unit, during handling and transportation.




Magnetic guide for column unit, BCC system
guida magnetica
Magnetic box to clamp to the steel mould, making the perfect guide for the column unit. Can also be provided without magnets.

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